Company info

A heartfelt welcome to all of you who visit the web site of Top Engineering Co., Ltd.

We will strive to maximize the value of
customer through challenges and innovations.

Top Engineering Co., Ltd. which is the first company of elecity,communication,firefighting is dedicated to creating maximum
values for its customers through challenges and innovations. Based on insight of quality, technology,reliability, creativity, consulting, technology and customer industry, we had grown into all business area at the public, manufacturing, construction, service and others.

Furthermore, during The Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR),
Top Engineering Co., Ltd. push forward with our new flagship line of LED lighting systems ─ a technological brainchild representing our entrepreneurial DNA that thrives on continuous challenge and our continued R&D endeavors.
Currently, as a precaution to climate change, we are steadily implementing of new renewable energy through solar power energy production business.
We promise you that we will do our best to be a credible company by constructing of the best product accurately and also managing quickly and perfectly.

Thank you.

Top Engineering Co., Ltd. CEO